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Art, like Love, is forever. Even more so when it comes to the portrait of the love of your life. From your wife, from your boyfriend, from the person you LOVE.

Take a look at our exclusive custom portraits and find out how you can commission an absolutely unique portrait.

if you want an exclusive -portrait-

n1 Send me your photos with the highest resolution possible to info@mylovt.com
n2 Selection of preferred theme and final measures
n3 We develop at least three compositions in low resolution, of which you choose one of them with which we will finally work until we reach the final result.
We will be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to tell me the questions you deem appropriate. Send me an email to info@mylovt.com. You will receive an immediate response.

Gorgeous Antonio……. I so adore the palette of colours you brought into it. Beautiful

Richard Paardehaar

Molto molto bello! Ma di una tristezza infinita
Maria Teresa Adhara

María Teresa Adhara

Ora come ora il mio artista più amato. Ogni imagine uno scatto nell’anima.

Blanca María Zarone – Napoli

Clearly you choose the right direction with you Stunning Photographic Art. You blazed your own trail! Peace and Love

Marcella Hartfler – Los Ángeles California