Description of Material: Pine Wood

Each piece of art is unique, created with meticulousness and love for detail.


Dimensions: 24 cm tall x 19 cm wide
Wood Thickness: 15 mm

Special Details:

– Limited Edition: Each artwork is part of a numbered series of 100 units, ensuring its exclusivity and uniqueness.

– Signature and Certificate of Authenticity: Each piece is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its origin and value as a genuine work of art.

– Screwless, Self-supporting: These works are self-supporting and do not require screws for display, allowing them to be easily showcased anywhere.

– Secure Packaging: To ensure its protection during shipping, each artwork is carefully packaged in a sturdy custom cardboard box.

Add one of these pieces to your collection and enjoy the beauty and unique character it brings to your environment.

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